Deep media, persistent narrative, immersive storytelling, transmedia, VR: right now we are experiencing a moment of radical technological change, with seismic shift in the way entertainment is conceived, produced and distributed. Investigate North is a Nordic content producer specializing in integrated media; combining film, games, VR and other media to create deep worlds, complex storylines and great audience experiences.

We create experiences that offer audiences an opportunity to engage with rich content accessible across an array of distribution channels and platforms. Drawing upon the experience of our own award winning productions, we can help maximize the value of entertainment properties and brands by extending their narratives and preparing them to be accessed through an array of media touch points.


The Investigate North team is capable of deconstructing a film script, video game franchise or brand narrative the way a hot rod mechanic can pull apart an engine block. Our team of writers and producers quickly get a sense of where the story's working, where it's not, and what's missing. Not only can we fix it, we can tell you how to make it play to the strengths of the different distribution channels and platforms you are intending to use.


Defining your brand is like a journey of self discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. However, when you intend your users to get access to your entertainment property at multiple touch points, it becomes even more important to communicate in a coherent and recognizable way. We help you through the process of unifying the experience and keeping different content types, touch points and distribution channels in line with your property's core values.


When the basics of the story is ready, you can call upon us to create and distribute your content across multiple platforms. Our understanding of multiple platform storytelling ensures your content is created inline with the main narrative and experience. With our core team and strongly networked company, we can ensure great content production whether it be a driving platform such as a game, advert or TV series or be it ancillary content such as apps, social media, 3D assets, webisodes, written content or a website.

Market research

We believe that an important part of any content distribution is knowing your target audience.  At Investigate North we offer up-front market research through our subsidiary 7xP.  Through workshops, focus groups and quantitative research we ensure that we have the best possible grounds for determining a product's market fit. 7xP stands for 'Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance'.


Gamification and games has quickly emerged as a great way to engage audiences. With our skilled game development team, we are able to deliver immersive high-end game experiences. We can provide beautiful graphics and advanced mechanics to ensure an AAA-looking experience. We are able to develop games mainly for both PC, Xbox ONE & PlayStation®4 as well as for mobile.

Planning and budgeting

If ancillary content is expected to expand upon a property or brand in an authentic and engaging way, so the audience can fall in love with it, careful planning and development is needed. Our broad understanding of media and storytelling allows producers and brands to asses and shape their project early on to ensure long term success.

Although we cover a wide area of skills, Investigate North gives you the power and flexibility to expand on your entertainment property or brand the way you want.


We have a built a custom process to lead you through planning and all they way up to execution and distribution. Leaving everything to us, does not mean you are no longer in control- quite the opposite. We know that it will always be your property and your brand.

Flexibility for PRODUCERS and BRANDS

We embrace cherrypicking - not only because it tastes better, but because we know that not all properties, producers, brands and companies are born alike. Our services and our team is available at all stages of your development. 

a Unique TEAM FOR

A new toolset and new techniques are necessary to reach and engage mass audiences in the digital age. The consumer or audience member is now a user and a participant. The narrative needs to be accessible through an array of media platforms. Whether it be comic strips, magazine inserts, mobile apps, billboards, websites or video games, Investigate North has combined a unique range of skills to meet the challenge of creating a coherent experience. We look forward to seeing how our unique team and set of skills can be combined with your team's experience and expertise.

We work with the best

Investigate North employs a wide range of different people - from writers and directors to producers, programmers and 3D artists. As a team we work closely together across multiple discourses. This is what allows us to always bring crafted and inspired approach to every project we work on. The fantastic and dedicated members of our team is the reason we are able to keep creating innovative, immersive and engaging experiences.

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